Top Ten Tips for Renting a Party Bus

March 1, 2018

Choosing a party bus for your special event is always a good idea. Whether it’s a hen night out in an exotic location, or just a big night out with the lads, having reliable transport, to and from your destination is important. It helps that it is full of craic! Party buses are the perfect way to arrive in style. Renting a party bus can be easy if you know the right questions to ask, and what to expect from your experience. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t bring on your party bus adventure is essential.

1. Do a Headcount

Having accurate numbers of your party is vital when it comes to hiring a party bus. A miscount can result in paying unnecessarily higher rates. If you have a party of 25 and go for the 35 seater, you’re making a mistake. Everyone knows some of their flakier friends will ensure that the bus will not be packed out. Having a headcount makes the process cheaper and more efficient for everyone.

2. Shop Around

Like everything, knowing your options is important. Most people renting party buses are doing it for the first time and renting companies know that. Make sure you’re not being ripped off by shopping around. Doing your research pays off.

3. Quality is important

Nobody wants to remember a party bus adventure where they were stranded by the side of the motorway for hours after a flat tire. Sometimes the cheaper companies don’t have the most professional service. It is vital that you ensure the quality of your party bus experience.

4. Read reviews

To ensure the aforementioned quality, try and find as many reviews as possible on the party bus providers you are considering. If you think you have found a party bus fit for a king and you are excited to ride in style, take a moment to make sure it’s not too good to be true. Look up the companies’ name and see what Yelp and Google Reviews have to say before you get too excited. They could have magnificent wheels but be late to pick customers up.

5. Make Reservations

When you’ve found the party bus from your wildest dreams, don’t hesitate to book it. By reserving well in advance you can ensure that the company has the right size and type of bus for you party needs. Party bus hire companies do not have an unlimited fleet so make sure you get in there before a different group is gliding away in your dream bus.

6. Don’t be fooled by flashy effects

Sometimes companies can dazzle you with impressive web content or extravagant images but often it is the organisations that don’t prioritise online content that focus more on their fleet and customer service. Reading reviews and asking around can help when choosing between providers.

7. Ask about the details

Questions about food, drink and sound systems are the most important questions you should be asking your rental company. Party bus interiors vary wildly. If you are booking a party bus for a hen party only to realise on the night that you can’t bring alcohol on board, the night would be a disaster. Avoid disappointment by asking the specifics about your party bus in advance.

8. Choose your route

Talk to your party about where they want to party! Are you going straight to and from a destination or will there be adventures along the way? You will need to inform the rental company about your planned trip before you set off, make it an exciting one!

9. Pick your music

This is a stylistic feature but one of the most important! The right music sets the tone for the night. Some companies provide music but if it’s a special occasion you may want to provide your own. Get the tunes blaring as your party begins on the open road!

10. Know what to tip

Make sure to ask if the tip is included in your bill, and if so what percentage? The normal percentage is between 18%-20% of the base price. If the driver has been taking care of you all night and made it a special event for everyone involved, it can be nice to reflect that in the tip.

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