Who We Are

Our Company
Oakhampton Ltd t/a as eBusStation is an independant Bus and Coach Booking website.

We have built this website for two main reasons;
1. Make it as easy as possible for customers to hire a bus or coach.
2. Create a interactive platform for Bus Operators which will give their business greater exposure and create effective technology that will help operators manage their business more successfully.

Our Vision
“To build a successful business model and be the leader in the Private Bus & Coach booking industry in Ireland. Through this success, we will create employment and will replicate our services solutions in other countries around European and Worldwide”

Our mission
“Through our website solution, customers will have all their booking needs fulfilled and Private Bus Operators will have an opportunity to gain greater exposure and turnover as they will have access to customers in a wider geographical area. We will build enduring relationships with our clients and employees by creating notable experiences and provide professional service solutions”

Our Goal
As eBusStation does not own any vehicles, our goal is to ensure that Bus Operators and the end users (customers) have a unique experience that will make our website the industry leader when customers look to book or hire a bus or coach. We will do this by constantly interacting with all our customers and taking what you say to our development team to build the neccessary features or software that will enhance your experience.


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